The Music That Started It All

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The Valley Concert Society is excited to celebrate its 40th Anniversary with a concert on Sunday, October 22, at 3:00 p.m. in the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium. The program will consist of the same works that were played at the very first concert in its history.

The society began with the encouragement of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra which presented all the programs in the first season. The first concert took place on Tuesday, November 29, 1983, at 8:00 p.m. in the Abby Arts Centre.

Rather than bringing the entire symphony, six members of the orchestra performed a program of chamber music. Conscious of the importance of a first impression, the musicians chose pieces that were sure to appeal to a wide audience.

The evening opened with Joseph Haydn’s String Trio in G Major. It is a short, light-hearted piece consisting of only two movements. There is no more cheerful way to open a concert, a season, and an entirely new society.

The main work in the first half was Mozart’s glorious Clarinet Quintet in A Major. There are few pieces that can match this one for the sheer beauty of its melodies and harmonies. Mozart wrote it for his friend Anton Stadler, a clarinetist, at a time when this instrument was still a relatively new instrument. He showed the way for other composers with this stunning masterpiece.

The second half of the program was taken up entirely with the Piano Quintet in F Minor by Johannes Brahms. The work takes us on a journey through a range of emotions from the majestic opening movement to a tender slow movement and an exciting scherzo. The final movement opens ominously but then breaks into several cheerful themes which gather energy that propels the music to a passionate ending.

Those who planned this program made some inspired decisions when they chose these works to set The Valley Concert Society on its journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired by the same brilliant music that the audience enjoyed in 1983, performed by musicians from Vetta Chamber Music on October 22.

Tickets for this celebration are available online at They cost $32 for adults and $20 for students.

Better yet, you can subscribe to the entire 2023/24 season at a substantial savings over the cost of single tickets. Subscriptions are available on the website at a regular rate of $140, $130 for seniors, or $60 for students. Memberships in the society are available for $10 per person. Among the benefits of membership is the privilege of reserving your seat for the season.

For more information call 604-289-3377.

See you at the concert.

John Wiebe - President
The Valley Concert Society