Couloir, A Corridor

During the Liz Carter Talk in the foyer before Saturday’s concert, an audience member asked cellist Ariel Barnes about the name of his duo Couloir. Ari mentioned his love of skiing, referencing one meaning of the word as a steep … Read More

Some Axioms

Time for a little philosophy. We’ve heard the name of Axiom Brass used frequently in the past little while. The reference to brass is obvious. But what about the axiom part of the name? The dictionary tells us that an … Read More

A Single Note

  And so it was over with a single note. No thundering climax. No plangent tones fading into silence. The concert ended with a single note from the piano. The violinist and the cellist sat motionless. The pianist needed only … Read More

Context is Everything

  The title of this piece is a quote from a TED Talk that has become widely used. It makes the point that facts in isolation have little meaning. Their context shapes their significance. On Friday, we enjoyed a concert. … Read More

Empty Houses

  The Canadian Guitar Quartet opened the second half of Friday’s concert at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium with a piece entitled Empty Houses. Guitarist and composer Renaud Côté-Giguère explained that as a boy he had believed his old homes would … Read More

Trying Something New

  Last Friday we enjoyed a marvelous concert of music by Beethoven and Brahms. They’re famous. Just say the name and everyone knows of whom we are speaking. History is full of talented composers who have produced glorious music, but … Read More

The Artist and The Man

At first blush, there couldn’t be a greater contrast. The man was unassuming. The artist was sensational. The man was short. The artist was towering .The man mumbled at times. The artist communicated with passion and clarity. Charles Richard-Hamelin embodied … Read More

Vlad the Entertainer

  It was a trio. But every memory of Thursday’s concert returns unerringly to one face. The three of them played with brilliance and passion. But one of them played with the audience. Vladimir Volokhin was an absolute wizard with … Read More

Warmth and Joy

  A large audience filled the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium last Thursday for the concert by Casa Diva and left feeling warmed and happy. There was much to savour as the notes faded and the applause finally ended. There was the … Read More


One of the things that regular concert goers come to expect is that the instruments the performers use will be familiar to them. We get used to the piano, the violin, the cello, the trumpet, the clarinet, the oboe, the … Read More

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