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At the close of our 2023-24 season, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect and to express thanks to the Valley Concert Society community on behalf of our board of directors. So many of you have played a role supporting the six wonderful concerts we were able to enjoy.

We opened with a celebration of the society’s 40th Anniversary. It reminded us of those who had a vision and worked hard to make it a reality. We were able to acknowledge and celebrate with a few of our founders. That day also reminded us of our responsibility to keep this vision alive and prospering.

I wish to recognize you, our audience. It is for you that all our efforts are harnessed. Thank you for being there and being engaged. Several of our performers have commented on the warm audience that we have. You bring out the best in them. A very appreciative thanks to the many of you who support us with your generous donations.

None of this would be possible without the musicians who have delighted us with their art. They have invested years of their lives and many dollars in cultivating their talents to enable these remarkable performances. Very few of them become wealthy. They lead incredibly busy lives. Their rewards include the joy of engaging daily in the pursuit of their passions and in sharing moments of inspiration, even ecstasy, with us.

We are grateful to our sponsors. It would not be possible for us to operate without them. They help enrich the cultural life of our community.

Our volunteers are the first people you meet at each concert. They are warm, positive, and committed. We very much appreciate their vital contribution.

We look forward to welcoming you back in September for a new season of great concerts. Enjoy your summer and come back anticipating six evenings devoted to the shared celebration of the musical arts.

John Wiebe - President

The Valley Concert Society