Some Axioms

Time for a little philosophy. We’ve heard the name of Axiom Brass used frequently in the past little while. The reference to brass is obvious. But what about the axiom part of the name? The dictionary tells us that an axiom is a statement that is taken to be true without proof; it is self-evident.

After reflecting on the visit of Axiom Brass to Abbotsford, I would like to put forward a few axioms of my own. I’ve no doubt they will be universally accepted as true, as self-evident.

Axiom #1: Composers have lives beyond composing.

Astor Piazzolla sure did. Shark-fishing? I wonder if he considered the impact on sustainability.

Axiom #2: Either Dorival Puccini, Jr., means what he says or he doesn’t.

Has anyone taken him up on his bid for adoption? But then, who would adopt someone who proves his claims by quoting his own Wikipedia entry? What else could he be up to?

Axiom #3: There is hope for new music.

New compositions used to be a scary proposition. Lillian Yee showed that contemporary composers have figured out that being tuneful is not a bad thing.

Axiom #4: You won’t discover great new composers if you don’t listen to new composers.

Manuel Ponce’s Intermezzo was just a short snippet in the first half, but the internet has lots of his music that is just as astonishingly beautiful as that snippet.

Axiom #5: Abby Black plays the smoothest French horn I have heard in a long time.

Enough said. It’s an axiom, after all.

Axiom #6: Performers have lives beyond performing.

I learned that various members of the quintet are really, really into coffee, tea, cats, and Formula One racing. (The coffee guy and the tea guy get along regardless.)

Axiom #7: Tubas can do more than oom-pah.

Kevin Harrison proved that magnificently. Oh wait, axioms aren’t supposed to need proof. So never mind that bit about Kevin.

Axiom #8: I’m going to remember the visit of Axiom Brass for a long time.

And for a lot of reasons, even if reasons aren’t necessary to make this an axiom.

The above axioms are offered for your enlightenment. They need no proof. If someone wishes to quibble, your input is welcome.


John Wiebe - President
The Valley Concert Society