The Pow’r of Musick

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The heading was on an email in my inbox on Monday morning. It was another of the many emails that come from agents or performers promoting their programs and hoping to book a gig. This one came from an ensemble that performs early music, hence the peculiar spelling.

But there was nothing peculiar about the meaning. In fact, it captured exactly the thoughts that had been going through my mind after that glorious Sunday afternoon in the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, and so I borrowed it as the title for these reflections.

The occasion was meant to be festive, and that is exactly how it turned out. I was met with smiles and delighted comments at every turn.

The sparkling wine set the tone. For the many who asked, it was a Shipuchka Frizzante from Moraine Winery in the Okanagan Valley. There was a chatter of conversation around the programs, photos, and newspaper clippings on the display boards. The chocolate lovers got their fix at intermission.

But the most deeply-felt expressions of happiness were reserved for the “musick”. “The first note of the clarinet.” “The musical lines of the second movement of the clarinet quintet weaving together into an intricate tapestry of sound.” “The slow movement of the Brahms quintet brought me to tears.” “The driving intensity of the third movement of the piano quintet.” The musick touched so many people in so many different ways.

And therein lies the pow’r of musick. What was absent for a few hours was the stress of a world filled with increasing anxiety. I will not produce a list of woes, near and far. There is no need. You can all create that list for yourselves. Instead, we gave joy a space in our attentions.

I do not think that we should dismiss that buoyant feeling as a meaningless moment of ignoring reality before being thrust back into all that worries us. Rather it renews in us the confidence that goodness and beauty can claim its own place in the world. Sharing this experience strengthens bonds within a society that has become increasingly fractured. We are re-energized as we again face the realities that cannot be ignored.

So I extend my thanks to the musicians of Vetta Chamber Music who played so exquisitely. And a very heartfelt thanks goes to those who were honoured on Sunday and the many who worked to create and sustain this organization, this vehicle of beauty and artistry. They have all once again put on full display the pow’r of musick.

I am pleased to recognize those people who signed the sheet on the display that read, “Were YOU at the first concert? ‘Why yes, I was!’”

  • Walter and Mabel Paetkau
  • Peter Adrian

I am also aware that Jake and Grace Kobes  and Hedy Reimer were there from the beginning but sadly could not attend this concert.

Loyal supporters are the heart and soul of any community organization. We appreciate you along the many others who may not have been there from Day One but who have long enjoyed the programs that The Valley Concert Society has brought. Thanks so much.

John Wiebe - President
The Valley Concert Society

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