Survey on Reserved Seating


The board of The Valley Concert Society would like to thank the many people who took
the time to complete the brief survey sent out following the recent concert. The survey
invited reactions to the relatively new policy of offering the opportunity to reserve seats
as a benefit of membership in the society.

We were delighted that 131 people expressed their opinions in the survey. Of those, 57%
held reserved seats while the other 43% did not.
In response to the key question in the survey, 85% favoured continuing the policy.
In the final question, 60% reported that reserved seating affected their concert experience
positively, 6% reported that it affected their experience negatively, and 34% found that it
was neither positive nor negative.

We were pleased to read the 73 comments that accompanied the survey. They included a
variety of viewpoints and ranged from brief notes to fairly detailed and comprehensive
discussions. We appreciate hearing from every one of you.

By virtue of the large number of respondents and the clear majority in favour of
continuing with reserved seating, the board, at its meeting earlier this week, made the
decision to continue offering this benefit to those who purchase memberships. We will,
from time to time, review how it is working and consider ways to make it as efficient and
user-friendly as possible.

We are gratified that so many of you are engaged with what The Valley Concert Society
is doing and thank you for taking the time to let us know how you feel on this topic. We
invite you to share your thoughts on any part of what we do throughout the year by
emailing us at .

John Wiebe
The Valley Concert Society