Sincere Appreciation

Challenging times often bring out the very best in people, and we are experiencing how
this is true of the many who attend Valley Concert Society concerts. We are grateful to
all those who have so generously donated the remaining portion of their season
subscription to the society.

Every bit as meaningful to us, many of you have added a sentence or two sharing what
the concerts have meant to you or expressing your appreciation for the musical
experiences you have been able to enjoy. It is so encouraging for us to hear that in these
difficult times.

We are now in the process of preparing and mailing receipts to those that have donated
their purchases. It is still our goal to address the refunds by the middle of this month.
In some cases, one person has bought subscriptions on behalf of one or more people in
other households. If that is your situation, a note explaining how we should direct the
receipt or refund, whether to one person or portioned separately to each individual, would
be helpful.

Our sincerest thanks to you all. Take good care of yourselves and stay healthy.
John Wiebe
The Valley Concert Society