Memories of Ensemble Caprice

My mind is swirling with memories of our first concert last night. The incredibly agile but utterly musical recorder playing. Ziya emerging from the wings with rattles around his ankle. Sophie echoing Matthias’ melodies from backstage. The nightwatchman entering with his lantern and singing his song of reassurance. The narrative that tied together a varied and unique program of music from the Baroque. But what stands out the most is that song where David played a gorgeously simple theme on the Baroque guitar while the rest of the ensemble became four percussionists weaving a gentle pattern on the stage, Susie tapping a rhythm on her cello. I would love to experience that over and over.

My other memories are of conversations with many of you — words of encouragement, of shared joy, of gratitude. That’s the reason for bringing these concerts. It’s rewarding to know that you found something inspiring, something uplifting on Friday.

As I write these words, I am listening to the radio — CBC Radio Two 105.7 FM on Saturday morning. The program is called This Is My Music. It features someone from the Who’s Who of Canadian classical music scene, a different person each week, sharing the music they love to listen to, to play, to remember. They intersperse the selections with commentary and stories. At the end you feel like you are beginning to become acquainted with a friend, and not listening to a performer.

If you wish to experience two of members of Ensemble Caprice in that way, you can listen to past episodes of This Is My Music. Both Matthias Maute and Susie Napper have been featured with their own programs. Just go to!/This-Is-My-Music    Click on the “Listen Again” button below the large brown rectangle. Past episodes are listed in alphabetical order. Select the musician of your choice. The program is just under two hours long. Just turn up the sound on your computer and enjoy the opportunity to become acquainted with them in a new way while you are puttering around the house.

All the best,
John Wiebe
Valley Concert Society