Megan Latham Stars in Comic Opera

Pacific Opera Victoria recently produced two short one-act operas starring Abbotsford’s
Megan Latham. In fact, she is the only performer onstage in these two comic productions.
In The Italian Lesson, Megan brings her consummate acting skills to the role of Mrs.
Clancy whose lesson in the language of Dante suffers from numerous interruptions.
Megan brilliantly brings to life characters who never appear onstage: her language
teacher, children, servants, personal assistants and a puppy. This hilarious depiction of an
hour in the life of the New York socialite is unforgettable.

Bon Appétit! is based on two real TV episodes from the kitchen of Julia Child. Megan
captures the voice and manners of the famous chef perfectly as she races with her electric
mixer in the production of a Gateau au Chocolat l’Éminence Brune.
Both operas are from the pen of American composer Lee Hoiby. He was known for his
marvelous songs as well as his operas, a number of which were in the short witty
monologue format that we see here.

Holding a stage alone while singing and acting is a challenge for any performer, but
Megan carries it off brilliantly. Her years in Abbotsford Children’s Theatre created the
foundation for a talent that she has honed to a fine polish.

You can find both of these wonderful gems at this link on the website of Pacific Opera
Victoria. This fine company has built a reputation for creative, high-quality productions
like the ones we see here.

The operas will remain on the site until June 21. Don’t miss them.

John Wiebe
The Valley Concert Society