Get Involved


We invite you to consider getting involved with The Valley Concert Society. The wonderful
concerts that you have been enjoying have been made possible through the efforts of numerous
committed individuals who have found the experience to be a rewarding one.

There are several different ways in which you can contribute, depending on your skills and your
interests. The board of directors has openings. Some skill profiles that would address needs on
the board are promotion/communication, development/fundraising, and finance. Do you have
other skills or interests that you feel would contribute to the work of the society?

Some of you may be interested in volunteering to help at concerts. We are looking for one or two
individuals to manage intermission refreshments.

You can contact us by emailing .

If you would like to discuss board position, call John Wiebe at 604-807-4907.

If you would like to discuss helping with intermission refreshments, call Anna Walker at 604-289-3377.
John Wiebe
The Valley Concert Society