Gesualdo Six Performs for VCS

Gesualdo Six has created a thirty-minute video especially for The Valley Concert
Society. It features several numbers that would have been a part of the program that was
planned for their visit to Abbotsford on Thursday, October 22.

You can watch the video on the Society’s website beginning on Thursday, the day of the
planned concert. It will remain on the website and be
available for viewing until Friday, October 30.

Owain Park, director of the ensemble, opens the video with a few introductory remarks
addressed to our audience before the program begins. The music was recorded in a
church in Bristol, England.

William Byrd and John Taverner weave their melodic lines into rich harmonic tapestries
in their Ave verum corpus and Quaemadmodum. You will hear an Italian madrigal from
the group’s namesake composer Carlo Gesualdo. The program is named for a 20 th century
work by Joby Talbot, The Wishing Tree. Director Owain Park is also a composer and has
programmed his Phos hilaron. Following two lovely prayers by Francis Poulenc, the
concert ends with Grandmother moon by Canadian Eleanor Daley.

You will find a link to the group’s biography which will also take you to their website. I
would encourage you to take a look and to read the detailed individual biographies of
each singer. They are immensely talented and accomplished musicians.
You will also find a link to translations of all the works that are not in English. The
program includes works in Latin, Italian and French.

The Valley Concert Society has commissioned this program for a reasonable fee. We are
pleased to present it for you to view free of charge. We would love to hear your reactions
to the program. Email us at

It would have been a delight to present The Gesualdo Six live on the stage of the Matsqui
Centennial Auditorium. However, given the realities of the world at present, we hope that
this musical presentation will give you some joy and whet your appetite for the day when
we can all gather again to celebrate music that enriches and inspires.

John Wiebe
The Valley Concert Society