Gesualdo Six Online


If it were not for the COVID-19 pandemic, we would be gathering at the Matsqui
Centennial Auditorium on Thursday, October 22, for the opening concert in the 2020/21
season of The Valley Concert Society. The featured musicians would have been
Gesualdo Six, a male vocal ensemble from England.

The sad news is that this will not be happening as anticipated. The good news is that you
will indeed have an opportunity to hear Gesualdo Six electronically. The Valley Concert
Society has engaged the ensemble, for a reasonable fee, to record a thirty-minute program
for you. It will be posted on the society’s website on the day of the scheduled concert.
Gesualdo Six, led by Owain Park, was formed at Cambridge University in 2014. The
group first assembled to perform a program of music by the sixteenth-century composer
Carlo Gesualdo for Maundy Thursday at the chapel of Trinity College, Cambridge. Since
that time, the group has performed extensively across England and around the world.
The singers come from a background as choristers in the churches and cathedrals of the
United Kingdom. They have enjoyed considerable acclaim for their lush harmonies,
warm tone and impeccable precision.

Gesualdo Six performs works that range from the early sixteenth century to the present
day. The program they have prepared for The Valley Concert Society will begin with Ave
Verum Corpus by William Byrd. It will include a work by their namesake Carlo
Gesualdo and a composition by their director Owain Park called Phos hilaron among

The videorecording will be posted on The Valley Concert Society’s website on Thursday,
October 22, and will remain available for viewing there for one week. There is no charge
to view the program, and you are welcome to listen to it as often as you wish.
While this cannot compare to a visit from the musicians and a live performance, we hope
that it will bring you some joy and a sense of anticipation for the day when we can again
gather to be inspired by great music.

Wishing you happiness and good health,
John Wiebe
The Valley Concert Society