Chor Leoni and Gesualdo Six

But for the pandemic, Gesualdo Six, a male vocal ensemble from London, England,
would have opened the 2020/21 season of The Valley Concert Society last October. We
were delighted to be able to arrange for an online concert by the group for our audience
which we shared in fall.

Chor Leoni, Vancouver’s popular male choir, has connected with Gesualdo Six. On
Tuesday, I listened to a delightful online interview featuring Erick Lichte, director of
Chor Leoni, and Owain Park, director of Gesualdo Six. Besides offering fascinating
insights into choral music, the 47-minute clip, includes several wonderful songs by both

If you would like to listen to this video, you will find it on the Chor Leoni website in a
feature called Chor Leoni Inside. This video will be up on
the website for two weeks until it is replaced by another interview on Tuesday two weeks
following Groundhog Day. It will, however, be available for much longer on Chor
Leoni’s YouTube channel.

If you enjoy this clip, there is more. Just below the video link on Chor Leoni’s website,
you will find another link called Chor Leoni Further Inside. This offers a further in-
depth conversation between Lichte and Park. It is available there now and will be posted
to the choir’s Facebook and YouTube channels at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday.
Happy listening.

John Wiebe
The Valley Concert Society