CGQ Video


I hope that you are enjoying the video concert prepared by the Canadian Guitar Quartet
for The Valley Concert Society. It will remain on the society’s website until Friday,
March 26.

While we have been missing the enjoyment of live music, the pandemic has been a great
deal harder on the musicians. The loss of performance opportunities has been a
significant loss of income for many. When the society approached the quartet with the
idea of producing this concert for a modest fee, their response was telling: “Thanks again
for this—it is quite literally wind in our sails.”

What the quartet has chosen to share with you is music that is particularly meaningful to
them. Empty Houses is a composition by one of the players. Another work is one that
they commissioned for their 20th anniversary. But just as meaningful to them is the simple
act of sharing—being able to create music for an appreciative audience.

The video is available at

John Wiebe
The Valley Concert Society