Canadian Guitar Quartet Video

The Valley Concert Society has again commissioned a video for its audience, this time
featuring the Canadian Guitar Quartet. The group was scheduled to perform on Friday,
March 12, in Abbotsford.

The quartet came to town for the first time four years ago and made an immediate
impression, playing to a nearly sold-out house. Their musical artistry, youthful energy
and engaging personalities captivated our audience.

Now they have prepared a 37-minute video concert particularly for The Valley Concert
Society. Two Hungarian Dances composed by Johannes Brahms and arranged by Louis
Trépanier bookend the concert. The heart of the program is two three-movement works:
Empty Houses by quartet member Renaud Côté-Giguère and Patrick Roux’s homage to
three great composers—Chopin, Piazzolla, and J.S. Bach. Works by Brahms, Côté-
Giguère and Roux appeared as part of the program when the quartet performed here in
January of 2017.

The video will be posted on The Valley Concert Society’s website on Friday, March 12,
and will be available for your enjoyment for two weeks. You can find it at .

We hope that this will bring some joy as we anticipate the day when we can again gather
to share live performances.

John Wiebe
The Valley Concert Society