Music Speaks

No doubt you’ve heard the Hans Christian Andersen quote, ‘Where words fail, music speaks.’ How does it do that? How does music speak beyond words? Perhaps it’s somewhat paradoxical to explore that enigma through words, but let’s make an attempt. … Read More

Making Music Happen

  We have enjoyed outstanding musical experiences during the current season of The Valley Concert Society brought by consummate musical artists. These encounters with magic are not lightly earned—they emerge from countless hours of rehearsal built upon a lifetime of … Read More

A Tale of Two Weddings

  Duo Concertante has chosen to close their performance at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium on Friday, May 6, with one of the gems of the violin sonata repertoire. The second half of the concert will consist entirely of the Sonata … Read More

Duo Concertante

  The Valley Concert Society is delighted to present Duo Concertante at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium on Friday, May 6, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. The duo is one of Canada’s musical treasures. The husband-and-wife team of violinist Nancy Dahn and … Read More

Context is Everything

  The title of this piece is a quote from a TED Talk that has become widely used. It makes the point that facts in isolation have little meaning. Their context shapes their significance. On Friday, we enjoyed a concert. … Read More

George Zukerman

  It is not unusual for an entire concert of classical music to take place without a single word spoken from the stage by the performers. In smaller venues, it is more common for the musicians to provide a bit … Read More

Creative Programming

  When George Zukerman put together the program for the Young Beethoven performance at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium for Friday, April 8, at 7:30 p.m., he demonstrated all his considerable creative talents. Assembling a program is an art that requires … Read More

Happy Belated Birthday

  On Friday, April 8, at 7:30 p.m., The Valley Concert Society will welcome some of Vancouver’s finest professional musicians to the stage of the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium for a program entitled Young Beethoven. It is a celebration of the … Read More

Empty Houses

  The Canadian Guitar Quartet opened the second half of Friday’s concert at the Matsqui Centennial Auditorium with a piece entitled Empty Houses. Guitarist and composer Renaud Côté-Giguère explained that as a boy he had believed his old homes would … Read More

The World of Guitar Quartets

  When four guys who play classical guitar get together to form a quartet, they need music to play. That is what faced the founding members of the Canadian Guitar Quartet in 1999. While the world of classical music has … Read More

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