A Note About Reserved Seating

A Note About Reserved Seating

During the current Valley Concert Society season, the board introduced reserved seating as a benefit of membership. For each membership of $10 purchased, we reserved one seat which was yours for the duration of the season. This initiative proved to be quite popular.

Beginning Friday, April 26, the day of the concert with the Bergmann Duo, we will begin selling subscriptions to the 2019-20 season. We expect that online sales will begin the next day, April 27. At the same time memberships will go on sale for $10. We are pleased that we have been able to maintain our ticket and subscription prices at the same rate for the fifth consecutive year.

As a courtesy to those who purchased memberships and reserved seats this year, we are setting aside a period of three weeks in which they may again purchase a membership and reserve the same seat they have enjoyed this season.

Beginning May 18, all seats that have not been reserved to that point will become available.

For those who intend to purchase a membership and reserve a seat for the first time, there is no need to wait until May 18 to make that purchase. In fact, it would be to your benefit to make the purchase early.

The process works as follows:

April 26 –  2019-2020 subscriptions and memberships go on sale at the concert.

April 27 –  2019-2020 subscriptions and memberships go on sale online.  https://valleyconcertsociety.com/


Regular – $120

Senior (65 & over) – $110

Student – $35

Memberships – $10

1 membership gives you 1 reserved seat,

year-end reception invitation, voting privileges at AGM

To renew your current reserved seat –  If you wish to keep your current reserved seat, purchase your subscription and annual membership before May 17 and indicate on your form “Same seat(s), please.”  We have your seat numbers.  We will confirm your seat reservation with you during the next week.

All current seat reservations will be held for renewal until May 17.  On May 18, they will become open to new members or seat changes.

To change your reserved seat, you will be given that opportunity May 18.  See below.

May 18 –  New seat reservations and seat changes will be offered.

We will begin contacting those who have purchased new memberships or requested seat changes in the order they were received.  Our email message will include an auditorium map showing the available seats.  Please reply with your selection at your earliest convenience and we will follow up with confirmation.

For more information, call 604-289-3377.